5 - 12 MAR: Study Session "Exploring gender equality in environmental projects"

5 Mar '17 Sun 19:00
12 Mar '17 Sun 11:00

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Youth and Environment Europe would like to invite young people to join the study session "Exploring gender equality in environmental projects" co-organised with the Council of Europe’s Youth Department at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

In this project we would like to explore what gender equality means for youth organisations, how to bring gender perspective to environmental youth projects and which benefits it will bring. This project will be the starting point for YEE to incorporate the gender perspective in all our projects.

Study session is a special type of project which brings together members of youth organisations or networks and experts. It aims for discussions on a specific subject leading to conclusions important for development of organisations. It is organised in the European Youth Center supported by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Find out more about the project here.

The aim of the study session:

To explore the topic of gender equality and gender perspective in environmental youth projects and the ways of addressing this topic in work of environmental youth organisations.

Apply for this project if you:

  • Want to meet other young people who are involved in the same field as you;
  • Want to share your experience in organising environmental projects and explore them from the gender perspective;
  • Want to share your experience of working with gender issues;
  • Want to learn more about gender mainstreaming, especially in youth work;
  • Want to discover and think of the ways of introducing gender mainstreaming in environmental youth projects;
  • Want to meet experts in the topic of gender equality and learn from them.

Profile of the participants:

  • 18-30 years old (with few participants who can be over 30).
  • Good knowledge of English.
  • Actively involved in environmental youth organisations (as employees or volunteers).
  • Have experience in working with local communities, organising projects (and at least participating in international projects before).
  • Interested in the topic of gender equality, would like to learn more about it and how to bring gender perspective in environmental youth projects.
  • Interested in the topic of environmental protection.
  • Will be able to share gained knowledge and skills with their organisation and local community.
  • Will be able to get actively involved for the full duration of the session.

Practical information:

  • Travel and visa costs 100% reimbursed for all participating for the full duration of the session.
  • Participation fee: 50 Euros (this will be deducted from the travel reimbursement).
  • Free accommodation and vegetarian food is provided to all participants for whole duration of the study session.

    How to apply:

    Fill in the online application form until 19 December 2016.

  • Dates: 5-12 March 2017

    Place: European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France

    For participants from countries of residences: member states of the Council of Europe

    Participation fee: 50 EUR

    Contact person: Natalia Luchko natalia@yeenet.eu