3 NOV: Inefficient Inequality - The Economic Costs of Gender Inequality in Europe

3 Nov '16 Thu 10:00
3 Nov '16 Thu 17:00

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Much attention is given to the existence and measurement of gender inequality, but relatively little attention is given to the macroeconomic costs that result from the presence of inequality.
EIGE's Director, Virginija Langbakk, is going to participate in the conference and will be presenting the preliminary results of EIGE's new study on Economic Benefits of Gender Equality. The aim of the study is to discover the impact of gender equality on sustainable and inclusive economic growth and on the well-being of the society at large. More information available here.
At the conference, researchers, policy-makers, and business representatives will discuss the costs and inefficiencies that result from gender inequality. What are potential solutions? What policies need to be implemented, and at which level?
Studies and conclusions will then be published in the January/February 2017 Intereconomics Forum.