28 Jan: Online Discussion on good practices on non-monetary measures in the area of 'Women and Poverty'

28 Jan '16 Thu 10:00
28 Jan '16 Thu 17:00

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The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites you to participate to the online discussion Good practices on non-monetary measures in the area of 'Women and Poverty', taking place on EuroGender,  January 28th, 9 - 4pm CET.

Organised within EIGE’s project on “Good practices on non-monetary measures in the area of Women and Poverty” and in cooperation with EIGE’s contractor for the project, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, the current online discussion aims at gathering insights on gender-sensitive policies for combating poverty. Also, it aims at discussing relevant practices in this field as well as identifying experts to be further involved in the project - to be invited to the upcoming consultation meeting.

One of the main objectives of the discussion is to contrast and enrich the set of preliminary qualitative criteria for assessing good practices developed by the project so far. These criteria refer to non-monetary measures to combat poverty among two target groups:

  • working women at risk of poverty - specific focus on 40+year old women
  • women with a migrant background - specific focus on Roma women.

Specific questions are raised within the agenda of the event, published on EuroGender. In the same time, EIGE's gender experts will be online and ready to answer any questions related to the project you might have.

In order to acess the actual page of the online discussion and be able to post comments, please click here. In order to be able to post comments, you need to have signed in to your EuroGender account beforehand. If you are not an EuroGender member, please click here. Within registration form, only fields marked with * are compulsory.
Should you have further questions, please refer to EuroGender Team at email: eurogender@eige.europa.eu