15 SEPT: Meeting of the technical group on EIGE's Gender Statistics Database

15 Sep '16 Thu 09:0009/15/2016 6:00pm public 15 SEPT: Meeting of the technical group on EIGE's Gender Statistics Database Europe/Vilnius 09/15/2016 9:00am
15 Sep '16 Thu 18:00

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EIGE’s Gender Statistics Database is a comprehensive knowledge centre for gender statistics and information on various aspects of (in)equality between women and men. 

Aiming to consolidate the efforts/outcomes/results obtained within the gender statistics database project, a meeting of the technical group1 had been called for the 15th of September 2016. The meeting focused on the following areas:

Women and Men in Decision-making

Women and Men in Decision-making is one of the entry points of the Gender Statistics  Database, storing and disseminating data which has been collected since 2003 by the Gender Equality Unit of the European Commission and currently still available under DG Justice and Consumers. The purpose of this data collection is to monitor the numbers of women and men in key decision-making positions. From 2017 onwards, EIGE will fully take over these datasets, meaning it will not only store and disseminate the data, but also complement the work done by the European Commission by expanding data further.

Expected outcomes are to identify:

-          new domains of interest for data collection which could be considered under women and men in decision-making

-          additional sources which are not considered under this area yet

-          possible challenges arising from the taking over of this process

Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is a specific area of the Gender Statistics Database. The data are displayed in Excel sheets because they are not comparable across all EU MS. Despite, EIGE wants to continue to highlight the efforts made at the national level and shed light upon the realities of gender-based violence. Hence, EIGE provides access to existing statistical data and information on this area, aiming to support the institutions and experts engaged in preventing and combating gender-based violence in the European Union and beyond.

Expected outcomes:

-          present work progress made by EIGE on improving data collection on gender-based violence

-          recommendations for better gender-based violence data visualisation on the database

-          clearer identification of remaining challenges regarding gender-based violence national data

Glossary and keyword search

On 30th of June 2016, EIGE launched the Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus that has been developed in cooperation with EIGE`s main stakeholders, including the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Europe, as well as national machineries for gender equality, academia and partners of EIGE`s Resource and Documentation Centre. The remaining challenge is to make a link between this great tool and statistics database. How could they enrich each other?

Expected outcomes:

-          recommendations/technical input for:

o    improving the gender statistics database key word search

o   Creating a better/more stable link between the Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus and the gender statistics database


Until the minutes of the meeting will become available to the group, please find enclosed Supporting Documents and Presentations made during the meeting. Here you can access and download photographs taken during the meeting.

Should you have further questions in connection to the meeting, please write them in the comments section below.



1This technical group represents an advisory body that contributes to the improvement of EIGE`s Gender Statistics Database.